10 Responses to “Rheumatoid Arthritis And Prednisone -A Steroid That Is Life Saving Cum Life Threatning”

  1. Bodel says:

    I have been using prednisone for the past few years because I am patient who has been suffering from severe arthritis. After trying many drugs and man other methods of treatments I have found Prednisone to be very effective. Though there are quite a few side effects that have been mentioned using this particular corticosteroid, as far as my experience goes I should state that I am fortunate not be a victim of such side effects. However as far as the relief from arthritis is concerned, I should state that I am quite satisfied and am now able to move around slightly compared to what I was 4 to 5 months ago.

  2. Gregory says:

    I am patient who has been suffering from debilitating arthritis for the past many years. I have tried various types of medications including pain killers similar to diclofenac sodium and other such drugs. But almost all of them have given me only temporary relief and the situation would go back to square one after a few hours. I had given up all hope and even I tried massage therapy but with little effect. Eventually I was switched over to prednisone and I am really amazed to see the results but it has come at a cost. I have frequent bouts of vomiting and stomach problems which I understand are the side effects of this drug.

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