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2,295 Responses to “Prednisone Dosage Recommendations”

  1. Rita Duggan says:

    I have been on 40mg/daily of Predisone for almost 3 months. I lose handfuls of hair daily; mood swings are becoming unbearable; headaches are hard; sleeping is non-existent without a sleeping pill; nerves are shattered; dehydration is constant; and the biggest thing that’s stressing me out is I have lost almost 20 lbs. What the heck is that all about? I thought weight gain was a given when using steroids. Should I be concerned?
    With all that said, my muscle issues are being repaired (pain has eased tremendously). I am putting up with all the other “crap” because mobility is most important to me. I am now being reduced off the meds (very slowly). Hopefully this will work without any repercussions. Will my hair grow back????

    • admin says:

      Well , all above are common symptoms of prednisone. Yes you should concern. Its better to ask about side effects from your prescriber before gona have dosage of 40mg/daily. Yes its recommended to follow doctor’s recommendation while you are put-forwarding yourself for withdrawal.

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