Some Patient Suffer Allergy On Using Prednisone

The body of every man is different from the body of others in some ways. That is why some people have allergic problem with some drugs and other body accept same drug without any problem. The same is the case with the prednisone drug. Some people are allergic with the use of this drug. Following can be the prednisone allergy symptoms:
•    Rash

The most common symptom of prednisone allergy is rash on any part of the body or some throughout the body with redness. This can be fetal in some cases if the allergy shifted to the internal parts of the different organs of the body.

•    Difficulty Breathing
A serious problem due to allergy cause by the use of this drug appears in the form of feeling difficulty in breath taking. The patient faces little and some time very severe problem in taking the breath. In this condition the must rush to the medical healthcare provider.
•    Swelling At Lips, Mouth, Face Or Tongue
Another common problem face by the patient due to allergy caused by the use of this drug is to receive swelling in the face area (Lips, face, mouth or tongue).
•    Appetite Loss
The effect of allergy some time appears in the form of decrease in hunger. The patient faces this problem due to use of this drug. Under these situations you should consult the doctor for getting advice about the problem.
•    Changes In Menstrual Periods
In women allergy cause disorder in the duration or timing of menstrual periods. Some time they change the time and become very long or short.
•    Depression
Depression is also a symptom of allergy caused by the use of prednisone drug in some people. Under this condition the patient feels inconvenience in mode and some time unconsciousness.
•    Dizziness
Some time patient feels dizziness or sleep feeling. He feels the sleep even after having the long sleep of night. His body does not work properly and the patient feels irritation due to this situation during daily work.
•    Fever
[adsense_test_1_b] Due to allergy caused by this drug most of the time appears in the form of raise in temperature of the body and the patient feels fever. Due to temperature patient also feel pain in all the parts of body and can not coop with the daily working.

•    Headache
This is the most ordinary symptom found in most of the peoples which suffer from allergy due to use of drug like prednisone. The feeling of the headache knows every one because almost all of the human suffer from this feeling and have the experience about this feeling. In other word this symptom is very famous and found in the patient suffering any type allergy.

•    Increased Pressure In The Eye
Some time the patient feel very burden in the eyes and feel some sort of pressure in the eyes and the forehead. This is also due to the allergy of the drug used by the patient for longer period.

•    Joint Or Muscle Pain

Muscular pain in the legs all the body especially in limbs is another common symptom found in the people suffering from the allergy caused by this drug. Patient also feels pain in the joints in the body especially in the nee joint and finger joints of hand.
•    Prolonged Sore Throat
Some allergy causes a hurting feeling in the throat. Actually it is due some infection due to allergy in the throat. Due to sore throat temperature of the body also raised and the patient feel fever. This is same symptom as appear due to cold and sore throat.
•    Severe Nausea Or Vomiting
Patient feel burden in the chest and sense of vomiting comes before the patient and he feel uneasiness on eating any thing.

•    Unusual Weight Gain

Some time the weight of the patient start increasing rapidly without any other apparent reason.

In case of any of the above symptom the patient find in its body should immediately visit to the doctor to get the medical care and treatment of the prednisone allergy. In severe condition it proof fatal and death may occur due to complication of prednisone allergy.

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