Prednisone 10mg – Uses And Side Effects

The relation of man and disease is as ancient as man is. In ancient times, a lot of people use to die because there was not much information available about the diseases and their treatments. However, people used to try to cure diseases on their own. Later, by observing different diseases and their symptoms, medical science start gaining in it’s roots in the human society. And by gradual progress, it has now reached at at it’s climax. Few decades ago, people just hoped that one day they will be able to cure cancers, other diseases and clinical problems of that time. Now with the help of the advancement in the technology, doctors are able to cure what cannot be cured at once. Medicine is always as important as studying human body.

The use of the medicine is as old as man. But the difference is that at that time, the synthetic medicines were not available and people had made medicine by taking out extracts of natural plants. With the help of modern science and molecular study of the things, people are able to make synthetic medicines and which are now in use. The synthetic medicines are the fruits of hard work of people who have spent their lives  in studying things and making new discoveries for human race.

Now, let’s take in account our topic of discussion which is Prednisone tablets. What is the molecular basis of the Prednisone tablets? Prednisone, a corticosteroid hormone which occurs both naturally and synthetically, mainly it is used in the form of steroid.  Prednisone tablets are in use on an extensive scale and it decreases the immune response of the human body to reduce symptoms of the allergic reactions of the body to any disease or swelling. It is also used in the treatment of arthistis, certain type of cancers, breathing problems, problems related to blood circulating in the body, problems related to eyes and vision, skin diseases and diseases related to human body immune system.

The Prednisone tablets have many side effects which are mostly observed inthe  form of

  • headaches
  • add in body weight
  • disturbance in sleep
  • finding difficulty in going to sleep
  • dizziness
  • and most common is the upset in stomach.

[adsense_test_1_b] Patients using Prednisone 10mg tablets are having such kinds of problems that should not be ignored and the patients should consult their doctors at once. Always remember that doctors some times advise medicine which has some side effects but there is a specific reason behind it. And that it is, medicine is great in benefit for the one than side effects. Some people donot undergo any side effect of using this medicine but some people have much more adverse side effects than above which includes:

  1. i. change of stool color from normal to black
  2. ii. pain in the bones
  3. iii. increase in heart beat
  4. iv. diabetes
  5. v. gain in the body weight and patient becoming over weight
  6. vi. unusual growth of the skin

vii. swelling on hands and feet

viii.having problem in breathing

  1. ix. severe type of dizziness, rashes and itching on the skin and many more like this.

In these one should consult doctor at once and should tell him about the present condition and what kind of problems that patient is having after using this medicine.

There are many countries in the world where medicines are wasted or they do get expired because people handling the medicine are much training o not much trained for the use of medicine and the necessary equipments to store medicines. Because some medicines like Prednisone 10mg tablets needs relatively less temperature to be stored.   The temperature range for this tablet is from 20 to 25 °C. So, proper storage of medicine is important otherwise the medicine will expires before due date. And expired medicine is of no use on other side it would cause problems if used.

Always keep in mind few things; first never take any medicine without the advice of the doctor, because doctor is the expert person. Doctor is the best source who has the information and knowing for which patient which medicine would be useful. Secondly never share your medicine with others because there are chances that medicine especially Prednisone have no side effects on you but the person with whom you share, he gets the adverse type of side effects. So, the doctor’s advice is always important. Thirdly, talking specifically if one is taking Prednisone 10 mg tablets or other prednisone dosages , he should take care of himself and should under go some test like complete blood test, weight, diabetics test in urine and blood, blood pressure test and many more like this. In case of any emergency or unusual things, at once consult your doctor.

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  1. 89 year old female taking prednisone for over 3 months for temporal arteritis exhibiting severe mood swings weakness helplessness.Complete personality change.Doctors cannot explain this behavior.Sent for psychiatric help and put on anti depressant.Doctor is lowering dosage but symptoms are getting worse.Please advise what else to do.Dosage was 60 and is now down to 15.Sed rate is normal now.Sed rate was very high at diagnosis.What are dangers in stopping drug?Are these symptoms reversible as person can no longer function without tremendous assistance.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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